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It All Started Here..

"Transforming challenges into positive lifestyle changes."

The Survivor

A message from the founder, Christian Villasenor.

Our All Activity Tattoo Aid was inspired by my mom's journey after surviving breast cancer. When she faced the need for significant lifestyle changes to prioritize her health, she shifted to the world of wholesome, natural, and organic foods and products.

Embracing this new path had a profound positive impact on her life. When she couldn't find the natural, organic products she wanted, she decided to make them herself.

This tattoo and skincare balm is a tribute to my mom's strength and determination. The name "All Activity" reflects her active lifestyle, while "Tattoo Aid" honors her love for body art. Its all-natural, organic formula showcases her dedication to healthier living, as she was the driving force behind its creation.

To this day, she continues to play a significant role in our business, handcrafting each of these incredible products with care and dedication, ingredient by ingredient, day after day.

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